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  • Eternity - A thing of beauty. A joy forever.

    Glazed. Vitrified. And unlike anything you’ve seen before.

    Eternity Tiles come from India's No. 1 tile company, the Kajaria Group - ranked as the 9th largest tile manufacturing company in the world as per CWR, and represent its premium segment.

    Eternity, has been crafted for the sophisticated buyer, who seeks elegance and excellence in equal measure. The word ‘Eternity’ finds reflection in every tile, be it in the design that is contemporary yet evokes a feeling of timelessness, or its strength that ensures that it stays beautiful for a long, long time.

    The extraordinary aesthetic appeal of Eternity Tiles is the outcome of the skill and the passion of European master-designers.

    Beneath the beautiful surface, Eternity Tiles are surprisingly strong, possessing high flexural and breaking strength. Almost 100% non-porous, the tiles do not allow water to seep through. The unique Nano Polish, along with special glazes, ensures that the tiles remain stain-proof, scratch-proof and abrasion-resistant.

    Our drive for excellence makes us go the distance to ensure that Eternity Tiles meet the toughest global quality standards, every step of the way. Only the finest materials, the most modern processes, and ultra-stringent checks are employed in the manufacturing process.

    It is no surprise then that premium buyers in more than 31 countries across Europe, the USA, Australia, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, opt for Eternity Tiles when they seek to create lasting beauty in their homes, offices, and public spaces.

    As the largest producer of Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT) in the country, we have a capacity of 17 million sq m per annum. Our tiles are manufactured in world-class facilities at Gailpur in Rajasthan, and Sikandrabad in UP. and are available in 850+ designs, with SKU options across 15 different sizes in multiple finishes. Making our range of GVTs the widest in the country.

    Our commitment to the environment means that our tiles are made with natural raw materials of the highest quality, using the most advanced technology available. So no matter which colour you choose, your Eternity Tile is sure to be green.

    Eternity Tiles are truly a thing of beauty, a joy forever. And in being so, are taking the Kajaria legacy forward.


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