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100x200 cm | 120x180 cm | 120x120 cm | 80x160 cm | 29x180 cm | 19.5x180 cm

What is better than getting more than what you are looking for. And with extra large slabs in question, this one is the ultimate answer. Besides covering a wider surface area, Ultima is the technical body tile with digital printing first time in the industry, created by employing state-of-the-art digital printing technology.

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80x120 cm

As good as the real thing. And even better. The Megalith brings you large tiles in finishes that look stunningly like the original - be it marble (with effects like cracks), metal or stone. While you marvel at the looks, be happy knowing that unlike original slabs in these materials, The Megalith needs almost no maintenance and remains looking beautiful for years to come.

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30x60 cm | 15x60 cm

These tiles reek of high fashion. A combination of exciting colours, and designs makes The Trend collection the perfect style statement for your home. No wonder they show up in so many trendy residences and upscale commercial spaces.

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60x60 cm (18 mm thick)

The final word on durability, The Maxxus is as tough as rock. Come rain, storm, or blazing heat, it takes on the elements with ease, season after season, keeping its beauty intact. This 18 mm thick, super resilient tile works for indoor as well as outdoor spaces, especially high-traffic areas that see heavy footfalls. The Maxxus comes in a popular size that fits any environment just as nicely as it fits your budget.

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30x120 cm

The Slim is Kajaria Eternity's uber-thin yet extremely durable offering. The unique 8mm tile can be laid over existing flooring and walls, bringing down renovation time and costs immensely. Choose from a dazzling variety of colors, textures, and styles. Super lightweight and easy to handle, The Slim is everything you could have asked for in a tile.

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40x80 cm

The last word in elegance, The Vogue Tiles from Kajaria Eternity are a collection of stunning international designs that bring fashion to your walls and floors. Available in a delectable array of looks - Rustic, Stone, Polished, Matt, they are sure to leave you spoilt for choice.The tiles come in a size that is versatile and easily suits whichever space you wish to dress up.

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20x120 cm | 13x80 cm

Bringing you the homely warmth of real wood finish, minus all the fussy maintenance rituals, the Wood is exactly what you need to spruce up that space. Choose from an irresistible range of finishes to complement your unique style. Its superior strength and durability makes it the ideal candidate for both outdoor and indoor use. Most importantly, not a tree is hurt in the process!

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60x120 cm

Classy tiles for floors and walls, the large slab dimensions of The Size lends an air of elegance and sophistication to any room. Drawing-rooms look more regal, bedrooms exude luxury, and dining rooms feel like a banquet.

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80x80 cm

Add another dimension to your interiors with The Square from Kajaria Eternity. Large tiles that do a great job of dressing up your home with refinement and aesthetics. A must-have for those seeking to proclaim their taste.

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60x60 cm

The tile that homes love, The Star is by far, the most popular size among all tiles. Economical enough to fit your budget, and with dimensions that make it ideal for mid-sized homes. The Star is available in a wide range of stunning designs and attractive colours.

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